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Sridhar RayasamI am Sridhar Rayasam, an entrepreneur with a tech startup. I promote the brand MINDCHANNEL®.

I was with Semiconductor industry for 20 years and I contributed as an engineer ( at Philips, Analog devices) as well as an exec at Qualcomm and LeEco.

I am a trained professional coach ( PCC) with a certification from ICF ( Internation Coaching Federation).

I am pursuing my learning with Eastern Wisdom literature and western Philosophy after I quit my corporate career.

I have true intentions to impact you if you want to create awesomeness in your life with right principles.

You may choose to ask for my discovery call at:

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Typical questions are:

  1. Can you help me to scale my business for more revenues?
  2. I want to have the deeper experiences with my life, can you help and coach me?
  3. I want to balance my life with ease.Can you help and coach me?
  4. I want to lead my teams with confidence. Can you help and coach me?
  5. I want to self-actualize, can you help and coach me?

You will get value in my discovery call itself, This is the promise.

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Yours Truly,

Sridhar Rayasam